Creditor’s Rights

As a Creditor You have Rights in Miami – Protect Your Business’ Bottom Line

One of the most difficult aspects of running many businesses is when you have to collect money from a customer who has not paid as agreed. There are many laws that specifically identify what a business can and cannot do throughout the collection process. The fact is, however, that when money is legitimately owed to you, you have the right to collect it.

The Law Offices of Samuel Cozzo, P.A. has helped many creditors get the money they are owed from both individual customers and other businesses. Whether you have already gone through a traditional collection agency or you have tried to collect yourself, Mr. Cozzo will help you get the payment you deserve.

Collection Efforts

In many cases, having an attorney work with you to collect money can be much more effective than just selling your debts to a collection agency. The following are some tools Mr. Cozzo can use to help enforce your rights as a creditor in the Miami area:

  • Demand for Payment – A demand for payment can be sent out on legal letterhead, which is often sufficient to get people to send the payments they owe.
  • Legal Action – Taking someone to court is sometimes necessary both to confirm the legitimacy of the debt and to force the other party to make payments.
  • Garnishment – Mr. Cozzo can request that the courts grant a garnishment of accounts or wages until the payments are made in full.

You don’t have to just accept the fact that someone is not paying you the money they owe. Contact the Law Offices of Samuel Cozzo, P.A. to fight for your rights. You can get in touch with Mr. Cozzo by calling (305) 815-0109 or through our Contact page today.